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Authorised distributors for technologies that help businesses care for the environment

The Worlds Most Powerful Enzyme technology

Authorised Distributors For Technologies That Help Businesses Care For The Environment Technologies Spillfix Liquid Management


Nitrogen management utilising BiOWiSH organisms

BiOWiSH™ demonstrates a novel ability to denitrify using multiple pathways and at high dissolved oxygen levels. Typically denitrification will only occur at any appreciable rate in low dissolved...
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Facing the Future

Simply Environmental understands the need for industry to maximise efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact.

We can help by providing the application of new technological advances designed to replace or enhance the performance of conventional processes, often saving cost and contributing towards creating a more sustainable future for all.

Our Solutions

  • Trade effluent compliance & cost reduction
  • Odour Management
  • Water and waste water recovery and re-use
  • Enhanced biological treatment – at little or no capital cost
  • Sludge reduction
  • The latest water purification technologies – membrane and filtration
  • Water saving initiatives
  • Water balance exercise
  • Alternative water sources – river water abstraction, rainwater harvesting

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Organic Liquid Spill Management - We are a SpillFix™ distributor

SpillFix™ Universal Organic Absorbent is derived from Coir, a renewable resource, is totally organic and safe to use, and safe for the environment.




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There is virtually no biological treatment process that cannot be enhanced with BiOWiSH™



BiOWiSH™-Aqua is formulated for all existing waste water treatment plants to accelerate the biological removal of nutrients from waste water.


BiOWiSH™-Septic Tank Aid

BiOWiSH™-Septic Tank Aid

BiOWiSH™- Septic Tank Aid is the easiest and most cost effective, regular maintenance you can perform for your Septic Tank System, providing years of hassle free service.




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